Welcome to the ZeroOutages SD-WAN Community!
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Welcome to the ZeroOutages SD-WAN Community! 
This area of the Support Portal is where customers will be able to interact with each other about various different topics. Based on the rules set up by the Community Manager, members will be able to post new threads, reply to threads and even comment directly on individual posts. Members will also be able to indicate whether or not they agree with what the author has to say by casting an up or down vote on each thread and post.
There are three types of threads that can be created in the Community: Ideas, Problems, and Questions. Each type has a unique set of statuses that indicate the progression of the topic being discussed in the main post. For Ideas and Problems, a member can change the status simply by clicking on the status label in the header of the main post. For Questions, a member or the original poster may mark a reply as the answer to their question, which then automatically updates the status of that thread.
Please be considerate to the other members of this community.  Threats that are deemed to be unhelpful to the greater good will be deleted.  Members that abuse the community will be removed and blocked from future participation.
The goal of this community is to assist our customers and channel partners with learning more about and helping to improve ZeroOutages' SD-WAN services.  Thank you.


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